Conference Program

HETSA 2009 Conference program as at 10 July 09
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Classical 1

1.‘Universal Opulence’: Smith on Technical Progress and Real Wages
Tony Aspromourgos

2. On the Transformation in Tooke’s Monetary Thought
Matthew Smith

3. Happiness and Religion:
Joseph Priestley’s Theological Utilitarianism
Akihito Matsumoto

Classical 2

1. Lloyd in Context: Oriel Noetics vs Christ Church Realists
Gregory Moore and M. V. White

2. Law Reform, Registration and Credit in Seventeenth Century England
Seiichiro Ito

3. The Political Economy of Edmund Burke: A New Perspective
Nobuhiko Nakazawa

Information, Time and Discovery

1. Keynes Or Knight: Who Was First With The Risk-Uncertainty Distinction?
Rod O’Donnell

2. Shackle and the Austrians
Bruce Littleboy

3.In Search Of New Atlantis: What Can HET On Innovation Reveal About
The Path Out Of The 2009 Great Recession?
Jerry Courvisanos








Austrian 1

1. Capital As A Layer Cake: Menger And Lachmann On The Nature Of Capital David A Harper  and Anthony M Endres

2. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom in Contexts
Jeremy Shearmur

3. Carl Menger’s Liberalism Revisited
Yukihiro Ikeda

Austrian 2

1. Some Critical Perspectives on Böhm-Bawerk
Peter Groenewegen

2. The Categorical Requisite of Mises’s Pure Time-Preference Theory of Interest
Troy P Lynch

3. An Incomplete Temporalization:
The Reason For Böhm-Bawerk’s Regression
Shigeki TOMO

Austrian 3

1. Schumpeter’s Price Theory
Harry Bloch

2. Wieser’s epistemological position as a reformulation of Menger’s empiricism
Natsuka Tokumaru

3. Carl Menger Vs. His Successors In The Austrian Tradition On Capital And Its Structure
A. M. Endres and D. Harper









1. Subverting Say’s Law: Keynes, Commons and Harlan McCracken
Steven Kates

2. On Essays in Biography by Keynes
Richard J. Kent

2. The Contribution of E.L. Wheelwright to the Principles of Political Economy
Phil O’Hara

Twentieth Century

1. Hicks's Theory of the Wage Bargain: a Rational Reconstruction
William Coleman



1. The Economist as Gadfly: The machinations of Lord John Vaizey’s Life
Alex Millmow

2. Henry George on Value from Obligation
John Pullen

3. A Japanese Contribution to the Calculation Debate: K. Yamamoto's Economic Calculation
Hiroyuki OKon







5.00-6.00 pm
Donald Winch
Keynote Address
“Intellectual History and the History of Economic Thought: A Personal View”

Followed by Opening Drinks

Small Open Economy

1. Wilfred Edward Graham Salter: The Merits of a Classical Economic Education
Ernst Juerg Weber

2. W. B. Sutch and his economics of national independence - a reappraisal
Saburo Ito

3. Trade in a Messy World:
Three Studies in Jacob Viner’s International Economics
Paul Oslington

HER Editorial
Board Meeting

6.30-10.30 pm
Conference Dinner

After Dinner Speaker:
Jeremy Shearmur

History of Economics in Western Australia

1. Teaching and Research in Economics in Western Australia, 1935-1963:
Ray Petridis

2. Charles Harper and the Foundation of Co-operative Agriculture in Western Australia
D. J. Gilchrist

3. Economics in the Wild West: A Preliminary Review, 1963 to 1992
Michael McLure

Sponsored by:

The University of Notre Dame AustraliaMannkal Economic Education FoundationEconomic Society of WA