Volume 32, Summer 2000

Tony Aspromourgos, Historical Scholarship and Publication, or – Why Do Commercial Publishers Exist? PDF   167kb
Ben Fine, Economics Imperialism and Intellectual Progress: The Present As History of Economic Thought PDF   210kb
John Shipp, Commercial Scholarly Publishing: the Devil Incarnate or Divine Saviour? PDF   160kb
Malcolm Treadgold, An Early Estimate of the Value of Australia’s Stock of Human Capital PDF   159kb
Boris Salazar, How Rational is Popper’s Rationality Principle? A Critical Note On Oakley PDF   120kb
Allen Oakley, How Rational is Popper’s Rationality Principle? A Reply to Boris Salazar PDF   123kb
Review Articles
Peter Groenewegen, Exemplary Economists of the Twentieth Century: a Review Article Of 36 Economists’ Autobiographies PDF   203kb
Philip Anthony O`Hara, Money and Credit in Marx’s Political Economy and Contemporary Capitalism PDF   189kb
John Pullen, The Quest for the Canon: Holy Grail or Empty Economic Box? PDF   153kb