Volume 33, Winter 2001

Paul Flatau, Some Reflections on the ‘Pigou-Robinson’ Theory of Exploitation PDF   215kb
Guglielmo Forges Davanzati, Riccardo Realfonzo, An Overinvestment (but Anti-Austrian) Explanation of the Turning Points of the Cycle: Italian Contributions of the Early Twentieth Century PDF   224kb
Peter Groenewegen, Boisguilbert’s Theory of Money, Circular Flow, Effective Demand and Distribution of Wealth PDF   183kb
Anitra Nelson, Marx’s Theory of the Money Commodity PDF   228kb
Masazumi Wakatabe, William Edward Hearn on Knowledge-Based Growth: Innovator, Or Plagiarist of John Rae? PDF   209kb
Review Articles
James F. Alvey, Adam Smith’s Moral Science of Economics PDF   187kb
Craig Freedman, When Truth Is Not Beauty, Nor Beauty Truth PDF   134kb
G.C.G. Moore, An Irish Clerisy of Political Economists? Friendships and Enmities Amongst the Mid-Victorian Graduates of Trinity College, Dublin PDF   162kb