Volume 37, Winter 2003

J. W. Neville, Expectations, Lags and Particular Parameter Values in Harrod’s Dynamics PDF   149kb
M. Breit, O. Lange, The Way to the Socialist Planned Economy (translated by Jan Toporowski) PDF   240kb
Alex Millmow, The Power of Economic Ideas: Australian Economists in the Thirties PDF   201kb
H. Klausinger, Hayek Translated: Some Words of Caution PDF   203kb
Peter Groenewegen, Teaching the History of Economic Thought at the University of Sydney: Some Reflections PDF   206kb
Review Articles
G.C.G. Moore, Some Victorian Reflections on a Dictionary of Women Economists and the Art of Dictionary Making PDF   207kb
Philip Anthony O`Hara, The Revival of Political Economy and its Main Protagonists: 1960s to the Present PDF   174kb
  Additional Reviews PDF   274kb