Volume 40, Summer 2004

James F. Alvey, Adam Smith on Teleology and the Stationary State: A Rejoinder PDF   13kb
Geoffrey Fishburn, Natura non facit saltum in Alfred Marshall (and Charles Darwin) PDF   66kb
James F. Alvey, The Role of Teleology in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: A Belated Comment on Kleer PDF   54kb
Tony Endres, One Hundred Years from Today PDF   35kb
Paul Flatau, Jevons’s One Great Disciple: Wicksteed and the Jevonian Revolution in the Second Generation PDF   278kb
Craig Freedman, Williamson’s Back Door: Transaction Costs and the Efficient Firm PDF   68kb
Murray C. Kemp, Ben Higgins in Melbourne PDF   19kb
Richard Kleer, Smith on Teleology: A Reply to Alvey PDF   38kb
William Dixon, David Wilson, The Irreducibly Social Self in Classical Economy: Adam Smith and Thomas Chalmers meet G.H. Mead PDF   108kb
S. Drakopoulos, George Gotsis, A Meta-theoretical Assessment of the Decline of Scholastic Economics PDF   185kb
Review Articles
Therese Jefferson, Reviews PDF   87kb