Volume 41, Winter 2005

Craig Freedman, Power without Glory: George Stigler’s Market Leviathan PDF   194kb
William Coleman, A Conversation with Murray Kemp PDF   99kb
Steven Kates, Supply Creates its Own Demand: A Discussion of the Origins of the Phrase and of its Adequacy as an Interpretation of Say’s Law of Markets PDF   83kb
Richard Kent, Keynes and Say's Law PDF   109kb
Peter Kesting, Vision, Revolution, and Classical Situation: Schumpeter's Theory of Scientific Development PDF   138kb
Malcolm Treadgold, Colonial Currency Boards: The Seigniorage Issue PDF   102kb
Michael V. White, Breaking New Ground: The Significance of W.S. Jevons’s 1 Rent Theory PDF   108kb
Panayotis Michaelides, John Milios, Did Hilferding Influence Schumpeter? PDF   159kb
Review Articles
James F. Alvey, Reviews PDF   168kb