Volume 42, Summer 2005

Alex Millmow, Searching for a ‘First-Class Man’: The Appointment of the Inaugural Ritchie Professor of Economics PDF   68kb
Alex Millmow, The Mystery of Edward Shann PDF   67kb
Marc Lavoie, René Roy, the Separability and Subordination of Needs, and Post Keynesian Consumer Theory PDF   36kb
Peter Groenewegen, A Book That Never Was: Marshall’s Final Volume on Progress and His System of Ethical and Political Beliefs PDF   106kb
George E Economakis, Definition of the Capitalist Mode of Production: A Re-examination (with Application to Non-capitalist Modes of Production) PDF   112kb
Max Corden, Effective Protection and I PDF   72kb
Daniele Besomi, Roy Harrod and Joan Robinson on Thriftiness and Growth: An Introduction to Their Correspondence, 1965-1970 PDF   107kb
Daniele Besomi, Roy Harrod and Joan Robinson: Correspondence on Growth Theory, 1965-70 PDF   107kb
Rene Roy, The Hierarchy of Needs and the Concept of Groups in Consumer Choice Theory [1943] PDF   55kb
Review Articles
G.C.G. Moore, Masters of Theory and its Relevance to the History of Economic Thought PDF   158kb